Kritishala Events at Bella Heights - Hotel in McLeod Ganj

Kritishala The House of Creation

What is Kritishala?
Krishala is a group of creative, artistic and slightly over crazed individuals hell bent on creation and talent doing away with on the other hand trivial indulgences and time assassination coups. The mix is heterogenous with carefully measured and exploding art, music, therapy, entrepreneurship, dance, food and festivities. Kritishala aspires to be an abode for all seekers of truly artistic creativity and self discovery.

What do we do?
At Kritishala we cater to an individual’s emotional, social and spiritual well being by providing skills and knowledge to explore what they seek in an artistic way. We will cover following activities under the banner of Kritishala

1. Healing and Spiritual Workshops/Retreats

  • Chakra Healing: Awareness talks, In Depth Exploration of Chakras, Chakra scanning, Chakra Healing Consultations, Chakra Healing Meditations. (Frequency - once a week)
  • Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT): Awareness talks, EFT (for pain management, emotional concerns). (Frequency - once a week)
  • ART Therapy: Introduction to ART Therapy, ART Therapy for Understanding and Dealing with Emotions. (Frequency - once a month)
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy: Introduction to Hypnotherapy, Progressive Relaxation Techniques, Age Regression, Past Life Regression, Pain Management. (Frequency - once a week)
  • Self Awareness Workshops:Johari Window, Understanding Values, Mood Management, REBT (Rational Emotional Behavioural Therapy) etc. (Frequency - once in 15 days)
  • Spiritual Retreats: Bringing in various facilitators to conduct spiritual retreats. (Frequency - once in 2 months)

2. Art

  • Pencil Jams:What is Sketching. Techniques of sketching. Object Study. Making a sketch. (Frequency - once in 15 days)
  • Live Painting: Introduction to painting. Making an artwork spontaneously. (Frequency - Once a month)
  • Art Retreats: Bringing in artists to conduct unique art form workshops (Frequency - once in 2 months)
  • Art Products:Hand painted cotton bags, Beeswax aroma candles, Dream catchers, Handmade bookmarks, Meditation boards, Pebble ashtrays, Paintings.

3. Counselling Consultation

  • Individual Counselling: Child Counselling, Adolescent Counselling, Career Guidance, Adult Counselling, Marital Counselling (Frequency - On Request)
  • Group Counselling: On Request
  • Holistic Healing Consultation:Chakra Healing Consultation, Chakra Scanning, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Progressive Relaxation Techniques (Frequency - On Request)

4. Music

  • Live Jams
  • Tutorials
  • Audio Production

To begin with...

We would like to start by hosting the following workshops at Bella Heights:
1. Chakra Healing
2. Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)
3. ART Therapy
4. Clinical Hypnotherapy
5. Self Awareness Workshops
6. Individual Counselling
7. Group Counselling
8. Holistic Healing Consultation

*All the above mentioned workshops are paid services.

Why do we do What we do?

  • To make this a portal for all like minded artists and spiritual seekers to enhance their skills and showcase their talents.
  • To generate a self sustainable income for ourselves and other like minded individuals by doing what we love and are passionate about.

Kritishala Team Members

Richa Shah

She is a Counselling Psychologist. An embodiment of enthusiasm, She has been an active counselor in schools, freelancing counselling sessions and facilitating Chakra Healing therapeutic sessions, with an interestingly intentional mistake of choosing to be a trained Chakra healer! She also creates Abstract Paintings based on the colours of the CHAKRA. She has thought Kritishala to be worth her time with regards to the eclatic approach where all things art and mindful blend together. When she is not dissecting energies and thoughts she likes to read, travel, paint on bags, make candles and bookmarks. She is going to be holding the space for Kritishala imbibing Chakra Healing workshops, prime and appropriate Counselling sessions along with Holistic lifestyle. Her line to live by and die by is to live and let live! She choses not to judge people, seeing as it is, is already ingrained within her through her studies in psychology. She is going to copy what Kiran said about not having regrets, yet it is going to turn unique by her stance towards respecting nature as it has contributed a lot to her life.

Kiran Singh

This is a person who has risen like a phoenix soaring through all things boring, monotonous and smelling off B.P-oh! nevermind. He kept his sanity through that phase by being an ardent instrumental guitarist. He has been associated with many class acts in Bangalore before immersing himself within the love of painting. Kritishala was an idea that took birth in his mind when the threshold to work where he had no interest broke. He would spear head all art workshops, galleries and hosting/enabling artist residencies under Kritishala’s vast umbrella. When he is not busy murdering idleness, he takes it on a ride to paint, discover new travel destinations, collaborative art endeavors, a cultural and heritage scrutiny of India, networking and propagating new creative and critical thinking ideas. He envisions Kritishala to engrave a mark upon this country for creation hungry souls. Like moths drawn to a flame(s). His line to live by in life is “we have one life , and should do what we love to do in which our heart and soul lie. Live your life to the fullest and never have regrets”,.

Pratham Agyaat

The fellow was an eloquently robust spiritual vagabond. He was on this mighty spiritual search travelling across cities but then to his surprise found it lying untouched in his left pocket. He currently manages Kritishala’s online presence and its vibes to be felt all over with a vision to facilitate spiritual retreats and silence sessions. He loves jamming with random musicians and would like to see himself serving at Kritishala’s very own cafe. His milestone to be seen in this path would be to sip a chai from Kritishala’s cafe in a closing party of a grand festival that would have occurred in Dharamshala under Kritishala’s label. His line to live by in life is to listen to the inner guru. Which he presumably does well in this era of poor connectivity and range.